Homa rituals remain an important part of many Hindu ceremonies, and variations of homa continue to be practiced in current-day Buddhism, particularly in parts of Tibet and Japan. It is also found in modern Jainism.

A homa is known by alternative names, such as yajna in Hinduism which sometimes means larger public fire rituals, or jajnavidhana or goma in Buddhism. In modern times, a homa tends to be a private ritual around a symbolic fire, such as those observed at a wedding.

The homa ritual grammar is common to many sanskara (riteofpassage) ceremonies in various Hindu traditions. The Vedic fire ritual, at the core of various homa ritual variations in Hinduism, is a “bilaterally symmetrical” structure of a rite. It often combines fire and water, burnt offerings and soma, fire as masculine, earth and water as feminine, the fire vertical and reaching upwards, while the altar, offerings and liquids being horizontal.

The homa ritual’s altar (fire pit) is itself a symmetry, most often a square, a design principle that is also at the heart of temples and mandapas in Indian religions.[26] The sequence of homaritual events similarly, from beginning to end, are structured around the principles of symmetry.

The oblations and offerings typically consist of clarified butter (ghee), milk, curd, sugar, saffron, grains, coconut, perfumed water, incense, seeds, petals and herbs


  • “Thila” means “sesame seeds”. Thila homam means homam (havan in North India) which is done using Sesame seeds (Til Seeds). Rameshwaram is one of the place where thilahomam is performed.
  • Rameshwaram is one of the most prominent sacred places in our country. Sri Ramachandra Murthy founded Ramanathar which attracts millions of devotees from all over the world to this place where one can attain jeeva (life) mukthi in their life by dissolving the sins of millions of souls.
  • Thila Homam is a powerful Vedic ritual performed for the peace of souls of the ancestors and family members who died unnaturally.
  • Sarpa pooja is done to clear the Nagadosha, Rahu dosha, Kethudosha, curses in the family or lineage, childlessness problems and general blocks and difficulties of life.
  • Sarpa Shanthi homam helps rectifying for whom nothing happen accordingly to the efforts put-in thus leading to negativity and inferiority complex, facing sudden rise and fall, most evil effects that may lead even to death, causing the native to be separated from his family life, loss of huge wealth and fame, sudden danger to life and even the native may also indulge in unlawful and unethical activities.

Naga Pratishta Puja is performed either at residences or to the already existing snake god’s idols in temples. What is unique about the puja to be offered at Srikalahasti is that for each puja, a new snake god idol will be installed, for which the priests will perform puja and abhisekham on a daily basis.

For the above said dhosam we need to perform

  • Rahu Ketu Dosham
  • Kala Sharppa Dosham
  • Vivaha Pradhipandhaga Dhosam
  • Abuthrathva Dhosam

There is a Yoga Patanjali Jeeva Samadhi in Rameshwaram. There is a snake under the foot of Yoga Patanjali. Going to that place is the remedy for Nagaprathistai Dosham.

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  • Karma is the essence of what the Pitras intend to do. Srartham is one of the important karmas we do. Our forefathers have been doing sartha with more reverence and etiquette than the worship of the deities.
  • You can leave a rupee wrapped in a yellow cloth and then relax and then complete the divine vows. But Sartham is not like that. It should be done on a specific day as mentioned.
    • Santhana Gopala Krishna puja is performed who wish to have a child.There are generally more than one reason for not conceiving a child. Santhana Gopala homam is also performed to have a healthy child and also for welfare of the children.
    • Lord Krishna is the protector of universe who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Gopala Krishna means Baby Krishna. The Krishna word means black color and attraction. The attraction is union, which solves infertility problem.